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Apr 20, 2020
The show must go on

As the UK enters the fourth week of lockdown we would like to assure all our partners and supporters that we are taking all appropriate measures to remain safe, whilst continuing to work on our research.

Our University partners have taken all appropriate measures for safely shutting down our core facilities (Cleanrooms, etc) and have made the provision of appropriate software licenses for facilitating remote meetings. We are still regularly meeting and discussing our work and designs. 

As previously mentioned our team have access to the ArC One from ArC Instruments as well as testing boards and memristor testing chips. We are starting to see the results of these tests come in and are pleased with the results. 

We are using FORTE's flexibility by diverging our efforts on developing applications, software and technology validation - based on what we have at our disposal. We are also using the time to write a few papers.

As a team we are looking out for each other and doing our best to help the communities we live in as well as keeping our spirits raised with rest and relaxation.

In the picture we have included, pictures of a few home set ups, delivering groceries to the elderly and an important lockdown issue - haircuts.