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Oct 26, 2020
FORTE Internship 2020 - Training the next generation of future researchers

At FORTE we believe that the impact of research cannot only be measured by the number of research papers you produce or the grants commercial success but by what you invest into the future knowledge economy, both in academia and industry. 

With that in mind, FORTE continues to extend the network of studentships and training opportunities, including a successful internship programme which was run from the University Of Southampton throughout summer 2020.

With emphasis on training for future UK industry or academia, the FORTE internship programme provided a great opportunity to gain research experience in our research centre with state of the art equipment.

The impact of the programme can be realised from the following feedback received.

‘I learned a great deal about machine learning during this internship. I had never worked with it in the past so I had to start from the beginning, but with the support from my supervisors and being able to afford the time to learn about it, it was an excellent way to learn a bit about it and then use this newly acquired knowledge within the project. I also learned about ReRAM which is a technology I had not come across before this internship. Having an interest in the field in general, it was great fun to learn about a new technology. This was a very enriching experience for my personal and professional development. I learned a lot of new technical details with ReRAM and machine learning and also had a valuable insight into academic research’.