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May 04, 2018
Memristor technology programme wins £11 million

The £11m memristor programme has set milestones for the first few years for not just developing the technology for wider use but also defining design rules and models for memristor technology that the rest of the research community can share. “Imagine an electronic system as like a painting,” says Themis Prodromakis, professor of nanotechnology at the Zepler Institute and Nanofabrication Centre at Southampton University in the UK, and principal investigator for the programme. “So far we’ve only been able to paint in black and white because we can only work with traditional transistors that only process 0s and 1s. But now we can work with elements that can each deal with more than 100 memory states, it’s like introducing colour. And to work with colour we need new canvases, new brushes, and even new techniques for painting – that’s what we’re doing.


Please read the full article in "Physics World" about the start of our memristors programme below: