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Jun 29, 2022
New form of nanoelectronic memory mimics the human brain

Engineers have succeeded in creating a new form of memory technology which can ‘remember’ data in a similar way to synapses in the human brain.

The breakthrough means that electronic devices such as mobile phones could potentially store and process much larger quantities of data than previously possible, without relying on the user to delete old information or use data-intensive cloud storage systems.

Christos Giotis, lead author and PhD candidate at the Centre for Electronics Frontiers, commented:

“We are very happy with this outcome. It shows how research in engineering can be inspired by biology and help to advance AI and a wide range of practical applications.”

The study was conducted by a team led by Professor Themis Prodromakis, the University of Edinburgh’s new Regius Chair of Engineering and Director of the Centre for Electronics Frontiers.

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