Our vision is to rejuvenate modern electronics by developing and enabling a new approach to electronic systems where reconfigurability, scalability, operational flexibility/resilience, power efficiency and cost-effectiveness are combined. 

Below is a list of our current publications helping us work toward our vision. 


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December 2017
Interface Asymmetry Induced by Symmetric Electrodes on Metal–Al:TiO x–Metal Structures
Michalas L, Trapatseli M, Stathopoulos S, Cortese S, Khiat A, Prodromakis T
Emerging memory technologies have sparked great interest in studying a variety of materials that can be employed in metal-insulator-metal topologies to support resistive switching. While the majority of reports focus on identifying appropriate materials that can be used as active core layers, the selection of electrodes also impacts the performance of such memory devices. Here, both the top and the bottom interfaces of symmetric Metal-Al:TiO x -Metal structures have been investigated by the analysis of their current versus voltage characteristics in the temperature range of 300-350 K. Three different metals were utilized as electrodes, Nb, Au, and Pt, for covering a wide range of work function and electronegativity values. Despite their symmetric structure, the devices were found to exhibit asymmetric performance with respect to the applied bias polarity. Clear signature plots indicating thermionic emission over the interface Schottky barriers have been obtained. The asymmetry between the top and the bottom interfaces was further evaluated by the values of the potential barrier heights and by the barrier lowering factors, both calculated from the experimental data. This study highlights the importance of the interface effects and proves that in addition to film doping, proper (top/bottom) metal selection, and interface engineering should also be exploited for developing thin film metal oxide based devices with tailored electrical characteristics.
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