Jan 01, 0001
ArC One

The ArC One: Stand-alone, desktop, versatile array control system. Comes with dedicated open-source UI running on PC/MAC for all your RRAM measurement needs. Built upon 6 generations of increasingly complex instruments for characterising crossbars of emerging non-volatile memories. Includes current cut-off and I-V curve tracing capability.

ArC Instruments delivers high performance testing platforms for characterising ‘en masse’ novel technologies in a fast and automated fashion. 

The company was born out of the necessity to efficiently close the loop between characterisation and development of emerging memory technologies, like Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM). We have taken a user-centric approach in addressing this niche by developing high-precision testing instruments and intuitive software that are easy to operate.

Our instruments are ideal for implementing a variety of read and write protocols along with developing advanced automated test modules for nearly all technologies in the emerging non-volatile memory sector. And besides characterization purposes, our products can effortlessly enable the hybrid interfacing among distinct technologies, for example CMOS circuitry and RRAM, for demonstrating concepts and applications.